A look at the life and contributions of benjamin franklin

A Sad Chapter in History Armed with my Yale degree and under cover as a Dutch schoolmaster, I went behind British lines and proceeded to collect information. The note was also nicknamed a "watermelon note" because of the watermelon-shaped 0's in the large numeral on the reverse; the large numeral was surrounded by an ornate design that occupied almost the entire note.

In the preliminary peace talks in with Britain, " After helping James compose pamphlets and set type which was grueling work, year-old Benjamin would sell their products in the streets. Lawrence and an allegorical figure to the right; the reverse featured a vignette of U.

Father of the Bifocal" The process of creating a new stamp apparently takes at least several years. Recognizing that the city needed better help in treating the sick, Franklin brought together a group who formed the Pennsylvania Hospital in His private life at this time was extremely complicated.

The series of essays called "The Busy-Body", which he wrote for Bradford's American Mercury infollowed the general Addisonian form, already modified to suit homelier conditions.

After the second editor died, his widow Elizabeth Timothy took over and made it a success, — Those with insurance policies were not wiped out financially. Scientist and Inventor InFranklin, then 42 years old, had expanded his printing business throughout the colonies and become successful enough to stop working.

He soon had to face the problems arising from the Stamp Act ofwhich created a firestorm of opposition in America. Variations of this note were issued that resulted in slightly different wording obligations on the reverse; the note was issued again in Series of Leo Lemay, initially was compiled as a resource for a biography of Franklin.

10 of Benjamin Franklin’s Lesser-Known Feats of Awesomeness

Wood Public service —85 Despite the success of his electrical experiments, Franklin never thought science was as important as public service. Dogood was filled with advice and very critical of the world around her, particularly concerning the issue of how women were treated. Franklin established a common-law marriage with Deborah Read on September 1, Fires were very dangerous threat to Philadelphians, so Franklin set about trying to remedy the situation.

The same proposal was made independently that same year by William Watson.What better way to learn about Benjamin Franklin than to hear from the man himself? Franklin wrote avidly throughout his life.

His Autobiography, though never finished, remains the most widely read memoir of all librariavagalume.com also penned essays for newspapers, letters to family and friends, and his infamous Poor Richard’s aphorisms.

The websites listed below contain primary source documents that. Benjamin Franklin was born in a Milk Street, Boston, house January 17,the tenth son of Abia Folger, daughter of an indentured servant.

His father Josiah Franklin was a candlemaker. At eight, he was sent to Boston’s Latin school with the idea of entering Harvard, which would prepare him for the ministry.

United States one hundred-dollar bill

Each generation produces people who reshape their world. Benjamin Franklin was one such man. The Independence Hall Association.

has commissioned and assembled the following resources for you to explore the life and achievements of the great Dr. Franklin, including. Biographies; Transcriptions of Franklin's publications; A Franklin quotation meme-generator. Reviewing the subject of Antique Spectacles and Other Vision Aids, filled with interesting text along with wonderful and abundant imagery and nurturing a deeper appreciation for antique spectacles.

Benjamin Franklin His Autobiography 1706-1757

The on-line museum and encyclopedia of vision aids. May 30,  · Watch video · One of the leading figures of early American history, Benjamin Franklin () was a statesman, author, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat. Born into a Boston family of modest means. Benjamin Franklin His Autobiography A Short Biography Franklin was born in at Boston.

He was the tenth son of a soap and candlemaker.

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A look at the life and contributions of benjamin franklin
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