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The war in Vietnam was a huge event that was taking place at the time of Woodstock. Not only did it draw in the nation during that decade, but also many people today still hear about Woodstock of because of the many great famous performers who appeared at Woodstock.

Other things such as the construction of the area was poorly built because they were behind but when the festival started, many of the things put up such has fencing and ticket gates were diminished, mostly from the number of people who started pitching tents outside.

This gave some insight of why some people went to Woodstock. The festival of course caused some inconvenience to the surrounding communities and some area residents were suspicious of the unconventional looks and behavior of the young people who attended.

The most famous was experiencing the imaginary symptoms of bad trips. About people experienced bad trips on acid at the festival. This event is though by many to mark a high point in the American counterculture Sandow, 1.

Many of the fans that were present, were there to express how the felt about the war. But it is hard to tell how many people actually possessed it since drugs became virtually legal on that festival site because attendees reported the cops ignored the people who were in possession of drugs and focused on helping to maintain the peace at the event Perone, As people got closer and closer to the festival site, there were more and more hitchers who were heading to the place so it was as if they knew something major was going to be happening as they got there.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Though numbers are not exact, the surveys showed that it was predominantly male, mostly white, and the ages were about seventeen to twenty three years old.

Tents were staked as far as the eye could see, the sweet smell of marijuana was in the air. The third was quite odd. Through all the rain, uncomfortable living settings, deaths, drug trips, and more negative affects featured on newspaper headlines, Woodstock was still a great festival to the people attended.

Since so many people were using drugs at the festival approximately people went on bad drug trips. The transportation and roadblocks were not the only problems at Woodstock. At the time, teens and young adults were looking for ways to rebel against their religious and strict parents, but in a way that would affect the world in a positive way.

The posters for the festival were not like the ones for other festivals.

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Twenty-five years later three attempts were made to recreate Woodstock. Like the saying goes. That good thing was Woodstock. This became the biggest traffic jam that the nation had ever seen before.

Dashamsha analysis essay Dashamsha analysis essay literaturwissenschaftliches essay about myself june us history regents essay. This was a reflection of the people of that generation and the culture of that time. The percentage of drug induced fans was well over the amount assumed to be present, as was the actual amount of fans.

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Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging their behaviors according to a narrow definition. Continuous rain caused an abundant amount of mud at the festival. And everybody just came. Music term papers Disclaimer: The event brought together people in a way that none could imagine and taught the world that even for a split second we can all work together peacefully.

Inthere was nothing to celebrate. The show was a tribute to peace, love, and social prosperity; and it was conceived by many as a tribute to the generation. Country Joe McDonald was another to play without prior notice. The newer generations of Woodstock to celebrate the anniversaries of Woodstock however were not successful as the original.

The festival took place over three days, August 15, 16, and 17, Many of the younger generation were so committed to the antiwar movement and tying it to politics because of the violence that had broke out in at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago Dessner.

At 23, he owned what may have been the first head shop in the state of Florida. The show was considered to be the end of the hippie era and the beginning of something new after the war. Rain or shine, all the concertgoers stayed even if the conditions were bad.Related Post of Parts of a thesis research paper woodstock dissertation on employee engagement gallup professional article writing services in kolkata harvard.

Woodstock Music Festival of 69 View Paper Charles Dickens opens one of his novels with the idea that "it was the best of times; it was the worst of times." Times of transition can be troubling and.

Arts: Music term papers (paper ) on Woodstock Peace and Love: Woodstock Peace and Love Woodstock was a rock music festival that took place near Woodstock, New York in a town called Bethel. The festival.

Term paper Danielle Krum May 30, Research Final Woodstock Every memory of the summer of is connected to, in one way or another, the historical event, Woodstock. The festival could not have left more of an impact on the “hippie” generation anymore than it did those three days of music and peace.

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Woodstock Research Paper. or any. Nov 27,  · Research Paper on Woodstock When it comes to music, since its contraception, each generation has had something to celebrate.

Inbecause of the need to celebrate, a three day, muddy, drug induced haze in Sullivan County, New York that became known as Woodstock was born. Woodstock was, in many ways, a symbolic high point for the s generation, proving that peace and love were possible in the world, if only for a moment” (Berg ).

The war in Vietnam was a huge event that was taking place at the time of Woodstock.

Thesis paper on woodstock
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